Why do business men date North London escorts?


I love working for North London escorts, but there are some things about escorting in North London from https://charlotteaction.org/north-london-escorts I am having a hard time to get my head around. Why do businessmen date? It seems a bit crazy to me. Most of them have their own wives, and if not, they all say that they have girlfriends. So, if that is the case, why don’t they turn to them instead. I guess I should not be complaining, but I do find it odd to say the least.

It is a good question and it can make you rather curious. It is not only businessmen in North London who like to date escorts and take escorts to dinner. The tradition of dating escorts for business function goes all of the way back to the Japanese geisha. It was always traditional for Japanese men to bring a geisha to a business function. Even when you take a look at modern Japan, you will find that dating geishas remain popular.

The tradition seems to have moved onto North London escorts, and now businessmen seem to like to use what they call professional services. Could it be that a lot of businessmen simply do not want to bother the wife? But then again, it could be the other way around. Maybe the wife does not want to be bothered with business functions. It could be that the family lives outside of North London, and to go on a business date with her husband, she would have to come into North London.

What about the male ego? When I worked for North London escorts, I thought that this had a lot to do with the male ego. The businessmen that I met certainly seemed to enjoy having a sexy woman on their arm. It did matter if she was young or mature. As long as she was fun to be with and enjoyed going out for a few drinks, and dessert, it was game set and match to the escort. At least that is how I think that men think about dating escorts for business in North London. You will find that many international businessmen really do have a thing about escorts in North London. Ask any of them, and they will say that there is something special about escorts who work in North London.

Will it change? I doubt that it will ever change. Men will still carry on dating escorts in North London or escorts wherever they are. Businessmen do have a certain weakness for North London escorts. The girls who work as escorts in North London tend to be very glamorous and sexy, and what businessman would not like to turn up to a business dinner with a bit of a “head turner” as they like to call the sexiest girls from North London escorts. I am sure a lot of it has to do with the male ego, and as ladies know, men are very set in their ways and reluctant to change. But that is only a goo thing for girls who work as escorts in North London.

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