We cannot always please everyone for the choices we make, and we have to accept it.

If you try everything you can to get their support or attention but still they ignore you, do not beg for it again to them as time will give it to you. Always know that it’s not always about the people that everything you do in life you got too asked for permission. It’s about you, because it’s your life. Always stick to your choices never let anyone make it for you. A lot of people regretted their decisions because they were deprived from living their life on their own. I am always proud of myself now, and I have no regrets of my decisions lately. For me, I am just fighting for what makes me happy. It’s my life, and at the end of time, it will be my greatest mistake if I let others control my life. I don’t want to sit in a chair and waiting for my death thinking about the times that I wasted. I don’t want to sit alone and cried over my unwanted choices so I am fighting for my happiness now. Growing up in a wealthy family it’s very normal that your parents always mandate you on what you do in life. Your parents always interfere of your decisions, it’s not just me and my siblings experience it because this has been the system of rich people. Being youngest it’s lucky for me to see what my sibling’s destiny; I’ve seen how my parents manipulated them a lot. Sometimes I see in my siblings eyes the sadness of their life, though they are family people now but I know it’s not the family they dream of. my brother shares to me about this one girl she likes but my parents never like her that is why he was forced to have an arrange marriage, and that is also they did to my eldest sister. I knew a girl who taught me a lot in life, a woman that has principle, a brave one and has stand in everything. I met this black escort from https://charlotteaction.org/black-escorts named Jessy, she is beautiful and love her skin complexion. She works as a black escort for a long time now; we met at school as she is also studying while working. I love black escort dedication in life; she survived alone after her parents died on crash. We become close together, I got to share my life with black escort. She told me some wise advices that it’s up to me if I take it or not. well I did actually, when I finally figure it out that I am in love with black escort I bravely told my parents about it which is they object. I don’t care if they had thrown me away the house and stop supporting me. I am old enough to work and live simply. Though my life is not like before I have this happiness and freedom that I only feel with black escort.

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