One of the better parts of London – Battersea escorts

When I first joined Battersea escorts, I did not worry too much about working late at night. Now, I am a bit worried about working the night shift. One of the girls that I work with at the agency got robbed walking back to her car and driver one evening. It was frightening as she did not have to walk that far. It was in one of the better parts of London, and I will admit that it freaked me out a bit.

Now when I go out on a late date, Battersea escorts from, I make sure that my car and driver are close and that we have telephone contact. As soon as I leave a gent’s place, I pick up my phone and call my driver if I cannot see him. Most of the time, he will be right there, but if he is not, I do call him. I think it is the best thing to do, and I also focus on holding onto my handbag and making sure the zip of the bag is towards me.

When I go out with a man on a dinner date in London and picks me up, I always make sure that the escorts me back to my door. Things can go wrong so quickly, and from what I understand, most robberies happen pretty close to home. I think that a lot of people feel safe in their neighborhood, but at the same time, I believe it is essential to acknowledge that I may not be 100 percent secure. The feeling of being in your neighborhood can give you a false sense of security.

Most of the girls here at Battersea escorts are a bit concerned with working the night shift. When a new girl joins the agency, I make sure that I tell her to stay safe at night. Some of the girls who join us don’t always think about these things. Neither did I when I first joined Battersea escorts, but I have learned from experience. Now I am probably one of the most safety-conscious girls at the escort agency.

All of this can be applied to anybody out and about in London late at night. Yes, I am sure that most girls do think about it to some extent, but I don’t believe that men do. The gents that I date at Battersea escorts always seem to think that they will be able to fend off an attack. That is not still the case. Sometimes these people work together, and an attack a very well planned. We forget to remember that many criminals are career criminals and do this all of the time. It is always best to be extra cautious when you are out at night. I am sure that we don’t want things like this to happen to us, so don’t volunteer to be victims.

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