Pleasuring My Friend’s Mom

We had just closed for the summer holiday when Mary decided to throw a pool party at her house. Mary was a queen bee back in high school and although we were now in college, I knew it was going to be epic. Mary was my next-door neighbor, and I had been over at her home countless times. Mary’s mother Christine was a stunning brunette with a gorgeous face and blue eyes. She had long legs, round ass, and a terrific hourglass figure. I always found myself daydreaming with her bouncy tits.

The party was held in the evening; everyone was having fun in the pool or at the grill. It was nice reuniting with my friends after spending so much time apart in college. Suddenly I saw Christine come into the pool in a tight two-piece bikini with a glass of wine. She looked amazing, and I got an instant erection.

She swam to the deep end which was empty, and I approached her from behind. I felt good being close to her and I initiated small talk. I knew Christine was divorced and had not had a good dick for a long time. The wine was having some effects on her. I was lusting over her as I slowly untied her bikini strings.

To my surprise, she did not fight me; I slid my hand down her pants and started playing with her clit. Her excitement grew, though she was afraid someone would see us. I told her to relax, nobody could see under the dark water. I wanted to pleasure her and I could feel her humping to meet the rhythm of my fingers. She moaned sexily, and I could tell she was close. We were interrupted by Mary who came looking to ask where food supplies were. Christine’s face looked flushed and was glowing in the dark.

Mary did not have a clue of what had happened between her mom and me. I saw them leave the house and after a couple of minutes, I went to look for Christine. She was in her bedroom resting, and I think having teenagers in her house was exhausting. I walked towards her and I could feel her breath with anticipation. I spread her legs and dived my naughty tongue into her warm wet pussy. I could hear her moans get desperate as she begged for my dick.

I thrust my thick cock deep into her honey pot as I played with her sensitive clit. I drove her wild with desire. As her moans became deeper, I was afraid someone might hear and walk in on us. She had her legs wrapped around me, pulling me deeper, to my surprise, she pushed me over and started riding my dick like a cowgirl. I was playing with her nipples as she moved back and forth. Yes…. Oh, God yeeees she moaned, and threw her head back as a powerful her orgasm hit her. I felt incredible seeing her satisfied smiling face. I knew my summer had just started.

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