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There is a lot of love that I obviously feel for a girl and I am just confused on what should I do in my situation. It is very obvious that I am falling in love with her and a lot of people that are in my circle know it to. What I am really confused about is that I still uncomfortable with being rejected that’s why I have to be stronger with myself so that this girl might be able to love me at all. The girl that I am talking about is a London escort and I am afraid of her.


Maybe deep down inside I know that I do not deserve to have this kind of lady. But pursuing her and wining her heart would be the best thing that could eve r happens to me that am why I have to go for it and just deal with the pain if she chooses to break my heart in the future. That’s the only hope I got left with her and I am going to do what I can do make her fall in love with me. Whatever I have done in the past or my shortcomings I should not hold all of that against me. I am sure that if I do everything right this girl would probably give me her heart. Having a London escort like her would just be an opportunity that I can never say no. that’s why I have to be strong and honest about myself so that it would reflect on her that I am the right and ideal guy for her. it is very important that she would know that I am not planning to lie or manipulate her.


She is the only girl at London escort agency that has been around long enough to know me and accept me as a person. it would be a foolish thing for me if I do not take good care of this London escort because that might risk any chance of being with her or having her as my girlfriend. Whatever I have to do I will plan on doing it? For her sake all that I have to deal with I will conquer because she has charmed me and I am now hers. It is not a complicated love that she is offering me that’s why this London escort is so tantalizing.


Even when things do not go well for me because I always make a lot of stupid things along the way there is going to be a lot of positive sides of being with a great London escort. I am very happy that she has entered my life and I am going to help her and make her stay so that she would be able to know the truth about me. Playing around with this London escorts feelings would not be the kind of thing that I am comfortable with. She is the absolute one for me so that I can finally settle down and live the life that I really want to have.…

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